inkstand by kakimori

inkstand by kakimori

inkstand by kakimori


Make your color, Meet your color

Have you ever wondered why we have to choose from a limited number of pen colors, even though the world is full of color?.

Inkstand is built on the idea that everyone should have a color that truly represents them. Ink samples are prepared drop by drop, allowing you to mix your way towards the color that matches your mood perfectly..

With each drop, your personal ink adds to the joy of writing and expressing yourself on paper..

At Inkstand, we hope to share the enjoyment that comes from bringing a sense of color into your daily life.

Shop information

inkstand by kakimori

4–20–12 Kuramae‚ Taito‚ Tokyo‚ Japan zip.111–0051
«3 minutes by foot from the A0 Exit of the Kuramae Station on the Asakusa Line.»
«5 minutes by foot from the A5 Exit of the Kuramae Station on the Oedo Line.»
tel 050 1744 8547
open hours : 11:00am–7:00pm
closed on Mondays (open on public holidays)
◎Reservation is needed.[HERE]

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Our ink is PIGMENT TYPE.

We have developed the ink together with a Japanese company, [Turner].
Pigment type ink is water resistant and light resistant.
Due to the the pigment components, it will be difficult to clean your pen completely after it dries out on the nib.


above : pigment type ink
below : dye type ink

How to make

inkstand by kakimori

1.Choose the basic colors

You have 17 basic colors to blend. Pick two to three colors for your color.


2.Blend and Test

Blend the basic inks and try it out. Take a note for each ratio. You have 45 minutes to decide your color.



Our staff will adjust the color according to the proportion of your ink.



It takes about 1.5h to bottle your ink.
Let’s take a walk around Kuramae area. Our sister shop, [kakimori], is just eight minutes walk from our location.
Please visit them!


Gift Box : ¥200


Recipe card comes with your bottle.
You can reorder your color with the serial number on the recipe card in 2 years.
[online shop] *Shipping is available for only repeating color.

Make a reservation

In order to make a reservation first,Please email: us and let us know the following information;

1. Name(Last/first name)


We have 5 slots a day.Each session is 45 mins long.

4. How many spots you would like to reserve.
(Up to 5 people in each session.)

What to keep in mind..

・required Time : about 1.5hours. (working within 45min + waiting minimum 40min)
・Price : 2,700yen/1 bottle(33ml)
・Try to come visit us 5 mins before the reservation time.
・If you show up later than 10mins without prior notice, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.
・Please refrain from cancelling on the day of your reservation.
*Cancellations will be accecpted until midnight on the day of your reservation.
・We take reservations 2 months in advance.The schedule is subject to change. If so, we will let you know via email.
・If there are any changes, questions or a cancellation, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.